Welcome to this mini-exhibition of works by creative members of the Bayha family. Artists Included are:

Keith Darwin Bayha 1940-

Edwin Franks Bayha 1880-1937

Edwin Henry Bayha 1906-1990

William G. Bayha 1872-1935

Edwin Francis Bayha 1965-

Karl Bayha (data pending)

Rhoda Pearl Bayha 1901-1996 

Tricia Kay Bayha

Todd Bayha (Data Pending)

Keith Darwin Bayha

Frog Lake and Castle Peak, 1971

This pristine area in Idaho’s White Cloud Mountains was threatened in the early 1970s by an open-pit mining plan. Senator Frank Church pushed the US Congress to purchase the mining claims and protect the area by establishing the Sawtooth National Recreation Area instead. Keith’s painting was done in direct support of this effort and was used to help persuade the Idaho State Legislature to also back the bill. The Wilderness Society further used it to increase membership participation in preserving the area. Finally, the painting was shown during Senate hearings and used by Senator Church in lobbying other legislators until his bill was finally passed. He then returned it to Keith. It now resides permanently in the Stanley Museum in Idaho and is a fine example of “Painting With a Purpose”. Keith is retired from the US Fish and Wildlife Service and now resides in Alaska.  

Paintings by
Edwin Franks Bayha

         Edwin F. Bayha was a prolific commercial artist and engineer who worked in Philadelphia, PA in the early part of the 20th century,

                  the  heyday for illustrative art in the USA. He illustrated numerous books and periodicals in addition to landscapes of his beloved

Pennsylvania countryside.

Magazine Cover, 1917, watercolor

Boy with Toy Soldiers
Oil on Canvas, 29 X 32"
Sold by Christie's, New York in 1982 for $34,000


The Tip
Oil on Canvas, 1912, 23 X 26"

                                                     This painting was used as the subject of a magazine competition in which the readers submitted their suggestions for a name.

"The Tip" was reportedly the winning name.

                                The original painting was acquired by the Robert B. Mayo collection of American Sporting Art in 1987 for $40,000.

Hand-carved Rifle Stock
by William G. Bayha
circa 1930

William G. Bayha inherited his father's cane-making business in Philadelphia.

                 As cane-makers, the 19th-century Bayhas imported and carved many kinds of exotic woods

                                            from around the world and sold these as canes, parasol handles and the like. The work below, however was a labor of love.

                                    The rifle, a 25-20 Winchester saddle carbine, was the first prize in a marksmanship contest which was won by his son, Edwin H. Bayha.

Painting by Karl Bayha
 Oil on Canvas
circa 1940

Karl Bayha was a native of Reutlingen Germany, a descendant of the direct line from the earliest known German Bayhas in Sielmingen.

He also painted a family tree, which is a primary source for much genealogical information on his ancestors.

Painting by Edwin Henry Bayha
Oil on Canvas
circa 1955

Burmont Road

           Self-taught artist Edwin H. Bayha painted this scene of his own home in suburban Philadelphia.

Darby Creek is in the foreground.

Nature Photography
 by Edwin Francis Bayha

Francis Bayha is an amateur photographer with a keen eye for delightful natural scenes. 

                               Many of his best shots are taken in the early morning hours at the airport where he works.

Harvest Time

New Beginnings

Photos by Tricia Kay Bayha

Tricia took up camera work as her hobby only a few years ago, but quickly demonstrated a mastery of

composition and color that made her works special.

Sunbeam, 2009

Landing, 2009

Sparkling Sunset, 2009

To see more of Tricia's photography, please visit her website at


Todd Bayha

Todd is Art Director for the Columbus, Ohio, Dispatch.  The following example of his work,

     a collage cover for the 2003 Buckeyes football season, was taken

(without permission, but with apologies) from the Internet:

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