Who’s Who 

This page highlights Bayhas significant in family history or noted for their achievements in life. As of mid 2017, many new names have been added to the honor roll of veterans on both sides of numerous wars, and an entirely new section on sports notables has been added. Please check for yourself or your close relatives in these lists. Suggestions for further additions and/or corrections are welcome. Please contact us.

Historical Notables

Johannes (Hans) Behan b. 1451 in Sielmingen, Germany. Our earliest known and documented family member.

Blasius Bayha mayor of Sielmingen circa 1688, and recipient of the family crest from the Duke of Wurttemberg.

Georg (Jerg) Bayha b 1712 was the first Bayha immigrant from Sielmingen to the New World in 1747. In 1754, he returned to Sielmingen and re-immigrated with his wife, son Georg, Jr and daughter-in-law Barb Arnold. They initially went to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and may have later relocated to Wheeling, then part of Virginia.

Immigrants Who Established Bayha Lines in the USA

West Virginia Lines

Jacob Bayha b.1766 in Stuttgart, immigrated to Fulton, West Virginia sometime before 1792 when his son, Louis was born there. Later generations moved to Saint Louis, Missouri and from there to the west coast. Current descendants are found in the vicinity of Seattle, Washington (Tacoma and Everett).

Blasius Friedrick Bayha b 20 Apr 1780 in Stuttgart (Plieningen?) arrived in New York on 10 Sep 1832 with his wife Rosina, seven of their children, and numerous grandchildren. Most of this clan settled in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Michigan Line

Johann Conrad Bayha b 10 August 1825 in Munchingen, Wurttemberg, immigrated in 1852 and established a large Michigan-based clan along with his two brothers, Johann Georg (1828-1899) and Georg Friedrich (1829-1900). Many of their descendants still reside in Michigan, although some are as far away as Alaska.

Ohio Lines

Johan Georg Bayha b 10 March 1807 in Wurttemberg, arrived in the USA sometime prior to 1837 (his eldest child was born in Pennsylvania in that year) and later moved to Ohio.

John Bayha, born about 1820 in Wurttemberg settled in Batavia, Ohio.

Kansas Line

Christian Theodore Bayha, b 1840 arrived in New York in 1854 and proceeded to Kansas, where he married Ermina Condit in 1886. Their descendants remained in Kansas for several generations but later spread to California as well.

Pennsylvania Lines

Georg (Jerg) Bayha Sr. born about 1712 in Sielmingen arrived in Philadelphia in 1754 with his wife and three children plus one daughter-in-law (Barbara Arnold, married to Georg Bayha, Jr.)

Johann Balthas (John) Bayha, b, Mittelstadt, Wurttemberg, 18 Oct 1824, emigrated to Philadelphia in 1852.

His brother Georg Ludwig Bayha, b. Mittelstadt, Wurttemberg, 16 June 1819 emigrated to Philadelphia in 1854. His descendants established another branch based in Duluth, Minnesota.

Their younger brother Johann Gottlieb Bayha b. 19 August 1840 in Mittelstadt, Wurttemberg. emigrated to Philadelphia in 1857 and established a Philadelphia-based line, which has since spread to North Carolina, Maryland, Texas and Washington state, among other places.

New York Lines

John Michael Bayha b 17 January 1831 in Untersielmingen, emigrated to the USA about 1851 and settled in Brooklyn, New York.

Georg Ludwig Baiha b 8 Jun 1840 in Plieningen, immigrated about 1859 and established a branch on Long Island, New York (he had a brother in Virginia, so possibly closely related to the Wheeling, West Virginia tribe.

Wilhelm Jacob Bayha b. about 1869 in Wurttemberg arrived in America in 1884 and established a New York City (Queens) line.

Daniel Bayha b 18 Apr 1833 in Wurttemberg, came to New York sometime before 1863 and established a line of Bayhas that has remained in that city for at least six generations. Daniel’s father, born in Wurttemberg in 1812 and also named Daniel also came to America and died in New York in 1888.

California Lines

Three Brothers from Sielmingen, Johann Georg Bayha (1866-1917), Daniel Bayha (1867-1947) and Jacob Bayha (1869-1944) arrived in the USA on April 5, 1889. They originally went to Michigan, then on to Washington (Johann) and southern California (Daniel and Jacob). Johann’s widow and son Michael later also moved to California.

George G Bayha born 12 Dec 1851 in Liebenstein, Germany emigrated to Los Angeles with his wife and 5 children in 1885. Another immigrant from Liebenstein, Jonathon Bayha ( b. 15 Dec 1855), arrived in Los Angeles in 1888. It is likely, but not yet proven that these two men were closely related. Jonathon’s wife and two children arrived the following year.


Military Notables

U.S. Civil War Veterans (all were on the Union side)

Frederick Bayha Private, 24th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry

Frederick Bayha b.1846. Private, 1st Michigan Infantry

George Bayha Private, 28th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry

George L. Bayha Private, 6th Regiment, Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery from 1864 to 1865

Gustavous Bayha b 1835 Private, 20th Regiment, Illinois Infantry 1861-1864

Georg Frederick Bayha Private, 1st Regiment, Michigan Infantry

His brother Johann Georg Bayha, Private, same regiment

Gotlieb Bayha Private, 34th Regiment, New Jersey Infantry

Jacob Bayha Corporal, born in Sielmingen, 2 March 1837. Served in Ohio unit.

John Philip Bayha Sr b 15 Feb 1843 in Wheeling, WV. Served as Sergeant in the First WV Light Artillery from 1862 to 1865.

John P. Bayha Private, West Virginia

John Bayha Private, Ohio

Spanish-American War

Charles L. Bayha, Private

 Frederick Bayha, Private, 69th New York Infantry

World War I

John A. Bayha b 3 November 1898 in St. Louis, Missouri. Private, US Army Tank Corps.

John Philip Bayha Jr b 21 Jul 1892. Served in France as Corporal, M Company, 364th 

Infantry, 91st Division. 1917-1918. Also served as Lieutenant in California National Guard.

Richard Bayha. Pvt, Missouri National Guard 1917-?. KIA

Russell R. Bayha b 28 Apr 1897 in West Virginia. Private, US Marine Corps.

Ernst Christian Bayha of Wurttemberg, served in Army Group Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria.

Elwood Bayha 1893-1983. US Army, 1918-1919

Albert W. Bayha1890-1951. Private, US Army 1918-1919

Between WWI and WWII

Harold Bayha 1915-1969. US Army 1936-1938

Roslyn Bayha 1909-1983. US Army 1928-1931

World War II

Albert Bayha b in Sielmingen. Served in German forces. Missing in Action.

Arthur Loren Bayha. US Navy, aboard destroyer USS Stack (DD406) 1944-1945

Ben Bayha 1906-1998. US Navy 1943-1945

Carl H. Bayha, MD 1901-1961. Commander, MC, US Navy 1942-1946. See also under scientists, below.

Charles S. Bayha b 28 March 1921 in Pasco, Washington. Lieutenant, US Army Air Corps co-pilot, B17. Shot down twice, made POW second time in 1944. Liberated in 1945.

Cyrus Fred Bayha b 18 October 1918 in California. Staff Sergeant, US Army Air Corps, enlisted 1942.

Everett L. Bayha b 1925 in Missouri. Private, US Army, enlisted 1943.

Frank Bayha 1927-1987. US Navy 1945-1946

Frank Conrad Bayha 1927-1987. Seaman, 2C, US Navy. Served aboard light cruiser USS Biloxi.

George Bayha b 25 December 1920 in New York. Private, US Army Air Corps.

George W. Bayha b 1911 in West Virginia. Private, US Army, enlisted 1943.

George W. Bayha b 1915 in New York. Private, US Army.

Gerhard Bayha b in Sielmingen. Served in German forces. Missing in Action.

Franklin Harry Bayha (1922-1990) LTJG, U S Navy,1943-1946

Harold Bayha 1915-1969. US Army 1940-1942

Harry R. Bayha b 1922 in West Virginia. Private, US Army. Killed in action in Italy. Burried in Nettuno, Italy. Awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action near Salerno on 9Sep1940 for single-handed destroying of a German tank with his bazooka. This is the highest military decoration awarded to any Bayha in history.

Howard Bayha 1925-1994. US Army 1944-1946

Immanuel Bayha b in Sielmingen. Served in German forces. Missing in Action.

Jay C. Bayha b 26 July 1918 in Kansas. Private, US Army Air Corps. Enlisted 1942.

John M. Bayha b 13 August 1910 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Private, US Army. Enlisted 1941.

Joyce Bayha 1916-1981. US Navy 1943-1945.`

Karl Bayha b 1908 in Sielmingen Germany. Private, US Army. Enlisted in 1943 while not yet a US Citizen.

Karl Bayha b in Sielmingen. Served in German military. Killed in action.

Max F. Bayha b 30 May 1922 in Los Angeles, California. Private, US Army, enlisted 1943.

Raymond E. Bayha b 19 August 1921 in Rhode Island. Private, US Army, enlisted 1943.

Robert Bayha b in Sielmingen, served in German Military. Killed in action.

Robert Bayha b 16 May 1916 in Ohio. Served in US Navy, enlisted 1943.

Robert E. Bayha b 24 November 1920 in California. Quartermaster 1st Class, US Navy. Enlisted 12 October 1939. Served on submarine tender USS Sumner and was aboard her during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, 7 Dec 1941.

Robert L. Bayha b 6 December 1913 in Minnesota. Private, US Army, enlisted 1942.

Theodor Bayha b in Sielmingen. Served in German military. Killed in action.

Walter Gerhard Bayha b 20 Jan 1920 served in the Brandenburg Division and was captured in North Africa. He spent the rest of the war in a POW camp in the USA, then settled in Essex, UK after the war.

William E. Bayha b 22 August 1920 in West Virginia. Private, US Army, enlisted 1944. His brother Harry was killed in action during the Italian campaign. See entry above.

William H. Bayha b 1910 in Minnesota. Private, US Army, enlisted 1941. Brother of Robert L. Bayha, above.

Korean War Era

Edwin P. Bayha b 5 May 1936 in Pennsylvania. Sergeant, US Air Force Reserve.

Charles David Bayha b 23 Mar 1922 in Youngstown, Ohio. Major, US Air Force. Served as Chaplain. Died in scuba-diving accident while on active duty serving in Okinawa, Japan.

Vietnam Era

Brian Lane Bayha b 1953. Served as Corporal US Marine Corps Weapons Training Unit. Enlisted in 1971.

Bruce Franklin Bayha b 1950. Enlisted in 1969. Served in US Army Corps of Engineers 535th Light Equipment Company in Germany.

Carl F. Bayha b 19 February 1940 in Pennsylvania. Member of the U.S. Air Force from 1962 to 1986. Was a Rated Navigator in airlift aircraft such as the C-124 and C141. Flew aerial combat in Vietnam in 1970 in AC-119K Gunships and earned the Air Force's Distinguished Flying Cross. He later flew F-4D fighters in Germany as a Weapons Systems Operator. Retired in 1986 as a Lieutenant Colonel with 24 years of active service.

Harold R. Bayha b 1945. Specialist 5th Class, US Army. Non-battle death while on active duty 10 December 1966.

William T. Bayha b 17 Jun 1937 in Pennsylvania. Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Special Forces. Served multiple combat deployments with Special Forces in Laos and Vietnam. His wartime decorations included the Combat Infantry Badge, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Purple Heart and Bronze Star (3 awards). Graduated twice with honors from the Defense Language Institute in Chinese and Japanese languages. He later served as an advisor to the Philippine Army and as a military attaché in the US Embassy, Tokyo, Japan. Retired from service in 1979 after 21 years active duty.


Post Vietnam/Gulf War Era

Christopher A. Bayha b 1960. USNavy 1981-1992. Served aboard aircraft carriers Kittyhawk, Midway and Saratoga.

James Bayha, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Chemical Corps.

Edwin Francis Bayha b 19 April 1965 in Kentucky. Specialist, US Army. Served as anti-tank missile gunner in 2nd Infantry Division in Korea. Honor Graduate of Signal Corps Computer School.

William Scott Bayha b 27 August 1963 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Served in US Navy as a third class machinist mate from 1983-1989. Assigned to the USS Saratoga (CV-60) as an engine room mechanic and later assigned to the USS Mississippi (CGN-40) as an auxiliaries mechanic.

David William Bayha, b 27 Jun 1963 in Rhode Island. HM3, US Navy.


Scientists and Holders of Advanced Degrees

Carl H. Bayha M.D. b 29 June 1901 in Columbus Ohio. Graduated from Ohio State University School of Medicine in 1925 and practiced general medicine for many years in Toledo, Ohio.

Charles Edward Bayha PhD in organic chemistry from University of Vermont in 1967. Founded Zircon Corporation.

Richard Bayha b 1943 in Pennsylvania. PhD. in Education from University of Kansas.

Edwin P. Bayha born 5 May 1936 in Pennsylvania. BS and MS Degrees from University of Virginia in Textile Chemistry.

Thomas David Bayha b 17 May 1960 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Son of Edwin P. (above). He holds an AB degree in Physics and Geology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, an MS in Textile Science from Clemson University and a PhD. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Virginia.

Daniel F. Bayha MBA, Harvard Business School.

Betsy E. Bayha Master’s Degree in Economics from Ohio State University and J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Dr. Renee Bayha received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University in 1986.

Christi Anne Bayha b 5 Nov 1967 in Okinawa, Japan. BA in Japan Studies and Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science both from the University of Washington.

June Lee-Bayha BA from Claremont McKenna College and MA in Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University.

Keith M. Bayha received his PhD. from the University of Delaware in 2005 and won the Graduate Student Publication Excellence Award for that year.

Elke Bayha PhD. is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Bern, Switzerland working in the field of experimental cancer research.

Susan C. Bayha b 1948. BA and MA from University of Michigan in Music (Voice Performance)


Thomas David Bayha b 1960 played Center on Charlotte, North Carolina East High School football team which won the NC State 4AA championship in 1977.

David Lindsay Bayha b 1999 played Quarterback on the Weddington High School football team which won the North Carolina 3AA State Championship in 2016. David, who is the son of Thomas David Bayha, above, was also named Most Valuable Player.

Maximillian Frederick Bayha, b 1922 was inducted into the Professional Golfers Association Hall of Fame in December 2016.