On a silver shield, three red stripes slanting to the left.

Over all, a wineglass in mixed colors and over that

a black staff of office slanting down to the right.

From the red-silver jousting helmet and red-silver

leaves, springs a guardian lion, the colors of which

are the same as the slanting stripes on the shield.

This coat of arms was first awarded to one Blasius Bayha, the mayor of Sielmingen sometime before 1688. Sielmingen was at that time under the control of the Duke of Wurttemburg, who would have authorized the award.

Note that the staff of office is consistent with Blasius’ position as burgermeister, or mayor. The meaning of the wine glass is quite unclear, however. It seems possible that a bumper crop or especially good variety was achieved while Blasius was mayor. However, there is no extant documentation to support a specific reason.

Source: Dochtermann, Alfred; Wappenarchiv Dochtermann (Dochtermann’s Archive of Coats of Arms) entry number 2113/42. Published in 28 volumes between 1946 and 1991 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Warning: There is an alternate Bayha crest being marketed by The Tree Maker.com. It is not correct, and lacks any documentation as to source or history.

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