For centuries, genealogists have struggled to research paper records. Recently, an explosion of available electronic data has accompanied the advent of the Internet. As a result, web sites like this and enormous on-line resources have made the researcher’s task far more efficient. All of this increase in efficiency, however, still depends on man-made records, notoriously prone to transcription and other human errors.

Today, a new genealogy tool is emerging that relies, not on human records, but on the biological records in our cells and their DNA. This spectacular tool embodies the future of genealogical research. It is already possible to add entirely new biological dimensions to our knowledge base, and this will only grow in importance as time passes.

The Bayha Family website is therefore proud to sponsor a Surname DNA Project just for those born with the surname Bayha. Right now, this study can show definitely how male participants are linked to each other as well as the genetic inheritance of the group. As DNA research progresses and the human genome is further defined, it will be possible in the future to define ever-increasing levels of information from DNA samples.

We are, therefore, eager to take the lead in such a study, and to make available DNA material for immediate studies and for long-term retention of samples for future studies of inestimable value to the next generations of genealogists. The DNA study is being conducted by Family Tree DNA of Houston, Texas. Bayha family members who are interested in participating can learn a great deal about genetic research in general and about the Family Tree DNA service in particular by visiting their web site at Family Tree

To receive the Bayha Surname Project special pricing for DNA Testing and to contribute to our growing database, please contact the project’s Group administrator via e-mail by clicking HERE.

The first standard test recommended is the 12-marker Y-DNA test, which can only be performed for males (since only males have a Y chromosome). As a member of our family surname study, this test costs $99.00 (public pricing is $159.00). Y-DNA tests with more markers included can be arranged at additional cost, but should not be necessary as a first step. Also, mt-DNA tests can be conducted for both males and females to further refine the Bayha family haplogroup information. However, we view that level of testing as a definite second priority at this time, since the origin of the family and its geographic base are already well known.

In exchange for the special group rates of the Bayha Surname Project, participants agree to have their test results included in the average results made available to us and published through this website. Any further, more detailed release of DNA test results is at the discretion of the participant. For example, a note may be added to the participant’s family tree data base entry showing that DNA tests have been performed, and the exact results may be included. This is entirely at the discretion of the individual participant, however.

In this portion of the website, general, averaged DNA information is made available to the public. In accordance with our privacy policy, only the averaged results are available to the public. Any additional, personal information release is strictly up to the individual participant in the study. Please read our Privacy Policy before proceding.

To date, 7 individuals have participated, and the Bayha Family DNA profile that has emerged is as follows: The results show that Bayhas belong to Haplogroup R1b1, which is expected from most people with Western European ancestry. People with the R1b1 DNA populated most of Western Europe after the last Ice Age, about 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. As of now, 7 Y-DNAtests have been completed on living Bayha males representing three generations and two distinct lines of ancestry, traced back to a common ancestor in Germany three centuries past.  So, it is remarkable that all 7 individuals were exact genetic matches to each other on all twelve markers used in the tests! As more tests are concluded, we should be able to identify a more specific Haplotype within the R1b1 Haplogroup. One individual has had a 25-marker test which refined his Haplogroup to R1b1b2.

The precise DNA alleles for the Bayha males tested on the twelve-marker Y-DNA test so far are as follows:

Marker  1     2    3    4     5       6       7     8     9      10     11    12
DYS#  393 390 19 391 385a 385b 426 388 439  389-1 392 389-2

Allele   13    25  14  11  11     15      12   12   12    13     13     28

The more participants we have and the more different lines that are represented, the more precise the  Bayha Y-DNA profile will be. Please join us in furthering this amazing line of research!

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