Recently added, this new feature provides lists of prominent Bayhas of historical importance, including immigrant founders of the numerous Bayha lines in the USA today. Also included are many military men from the past 150 years and a list of Bayha scholars, scientists and sports figures. As of mid 2017, many new names have been added. Click on Who's Who above to view this new page.

This is a first try at such a listing and is surely incomplete and probably inaccurate in some respects. As always, we welcome any suggestions for improvement, corrections or additions.


This is an attempt to introduce artwork and artists associated with the Bayha name. The magazine cover below was one of many produced by the prolific early 20th century illustrator, Edwin F. Bayha, who lived and worked in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Edwin F. also illustrated numerous books and leading periodicals such as Scientific American and Harper's Weekly.


Here is another work, this one is by Karl Bayha, who painted in Germany circa 1940.  The image was just recently received, and we are awaiting further information on Karl's life and work.

Please click on the "Art" tab above to see additional works by these and other Bayha family artists.  We are actively seeking additional works, so all contributions are welcome.  Please contact the webmaster with any suggestions you may have.


Since launching the site in late October of 2005, the number of Bayhas placed on the family tree has grown to over 850 individuals, while the total family tree now includes nearly 2900 people and over 1000 families of all surnames. 

Several US lines of the Bayha family have been traced to common roots. Not too surprisingly, every such case so far has been traced back to Sielmingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. There are still several US lines that have been identified back to the immigrant ancestor, but that individual has not (yet) been linked to the known common base. We continue to research these cases with the help of many contributors - thank you all!

If you haven't visited the family tree part of this site lately, we urge you to do so.  Find yourself or the person you are interested in by going to "Lists", opening the individual list or family list.....they are simply arranged alphabetically. If you are not listed yet, or have any corrections to make, please contact us by e-mail to


Y-DNA tests have been completed on seven individuals representing three generations of Bayhas. Results are now in for all seven and they turned out to be perfect genetic matches (12 out of 12 identical markers on the Y-DNA test)! Our Haplogroup is clearly R1b1.

Please consider adding your DNA to the data base. The more participants we have and the more branches of our family that are represented, the better the eventual study results can be. This is a great opportunity to add new scientific data to our knowledge of the family history. If you haven't done so lately, please visit the DNA page for more information.


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